Meet The Hemp Company clothing range – join the slow fashion movement

In keeping with our reputation as hemp pioneers, The Hemp Company range of Menswear is made from 100% Organic hemp, the fibres being processed once the plant material has been harvested for its many other uses. After weaving, the cloth has been dyed and finished using vegetable dyes with the minimum impact possible on the … Read more

EIHA Conference

As the global hemp renaissance continues to thrive we look at The rapidly developing face of the European Hemp Industry The Hemp Company is a member of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) and we have been regular attendees at their annual conference. The demographic of the people attending has certainly changed over time and … Read more

The Sustainability Benefits of Hemp in the Clothing Industry

The Opportunity Provided by Hemp as a Material For decades The Hemp Company has been a singular voice in Ireland promoting the potential of hemp as a fabric for its environmental benefits. Industrial hemp is a quick and easy-to-grow crop. Largely free from fertilisers, insecticides, and weed killers, it uses little resources, reduces water loss, … Read more

Hemp Chocolate Spread

This is a great one for the big and little people of your house! Made with simple, nutritious and wholesome ingredients it is the perfect alternative to mainstream mass-produced alternatives that have some questionable ingredients! The Hemp Company’s Hemp Nuts come packed with all the nutritional value that the hemp plant has to offer – … Read more

Mini Vegan Easter Eggs Recipe

A delicious healthy alternative to chocolate eggs. This is a fun one to do with the kids during the Easter holidays. The basic recipe is so easy and quick to make, and you can experiment with your own choices of fruit and toppings. If you are unable to enjoy sugary processed treats due to health … Read more

Finding The Balance Day-To-Day With Hemp & CBD

A forest with light streaming through the trees

With so much talk of health, wellness and weight loss in the first few months of the year and people jumping on the exercise buzz all around us, it can feel a bit overwhelming.  In this month’s issue of Rude Health Magazine our general manager, Marc McDonald contributed to an article called ‘The truth about … Read more

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