How to Make Hemp Milk

How to make hemp milk intro graphic for recipe

With the introduction of so many healthy, nutritious hemp food products we believe it’s finally time we started to get you cooking with hemp! Hemp milk is a healthy, dairy-free alternative to milk. It’s naturally nutty even though it’s nut free and is made entirely of plants so good for both vegans and sustainably conscious […]

The Godfather of Hemp: Meet Jim McDonald

James McDonald The Hemp Company of Dublin

James McDonald is a name known to the hemp industry for over 22 years now. We know him as boss, or Jim. Originally immersed in the rag trade (clothing industry), Jim first heard about hemp when selling t-shirts at a Greenpeace protest in the early 90’s. “A guy from Friends Of The Earth gave me […]

CBG: The Emerging New Cannabinoid

What is CBG

Life comes at you fast—and wellness trends come even faster. It seems like only yesterday that people were first becoming intrigued about the potential of cannabidiol (CBD) to revolutionise the world of cannabinoids. Much of that shine still remains today, but another hemp-derived supplement might be on the verge of taking centre stage: CBG. CBG, […]