Top 5 Staff Picks of The Month – May

Jonny at the cash register in Capel Street

Our staff on the shop floor in Capel Street know the suss. Every day they meet people, make product recommendations and test products. They know what customers are raving about and what the next exclusive product to hit the shelves will be. We caught up with Jonny this month to find out what his favourites are for May.

1. CBD Honey from Natural Bumble


Honey POS 2With one teaspoon of this delicious honey containing a massive  80mg of full spectrum CBD, it’s no surprise that this is one of the best value for money products we sell in the store. The terpene profile of the hemp mixed with the Natural bumble Honey will leave the tastebuds wanting more. It’s a perfect product for those who aren’t the biggest fans of the taste of CBD oil but still want the effect and has a whopping 3000 mg per Jar. Wow!

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2. Green Mood Starter Kit


These are some of the best CBD vape kits on the market and a real customer favourite at The Hemp Co. Boasting NO PG/VG or MCT oil, they are made from pure CBD distillate (50 % strength and real cannabis terpenes). The starter kit comes with a .25ml cartridge and pen that’s charged and ready to go. For its CBD content, the green mood starter kits are great value at 24.90. All you have to do is just pop the cartridge on to the pen and take a hit to feel the wonderful effect of high strength CBD distillate. This vaping experience would be better described as an aroma therapy of the senses.  A must try for those who want to know “What does CBD feel like”.

0.5ml top up cartridges are available in flavours; Berry Diesel, Super Lemon Haze, Tangie & OG Kush.

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3. Hemp Company CBD chocolate.


Hemp Chocolate Open Chocolate Bar in bitsAs the health conscious CBD market expands, the demand for high quality CBD foods also moves with it. A high sugar content gummy or fizzy drink may not be your bag but this CBD  chocolate very well could be. Handmade by our artisanal partners “Kilbeggan Chocolate” each bar contains 250 mg of full spectrum CBD (25mgs per square). These bars are sugar free/ dairy free and vegan friendly and taste absolutely delicious! Since developing this amazing product , it’s quickly become one of our customers’ favourites (and staff too, yum).

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4. Harmony hemp Oil (Palmetto)


Full Spectrum Oils by New HarmonyThis is an amazing product and one that’s quite close to our hearts in The Hemp Company. Grown, extracted and bottled on site in South Carolina , each batch has been carefully made to keep the most important parts of the plant within the product. Our Staff have seen first hand the effect this oil has had on people from all walks of life and we are very proud to be official Distributors of Harmony Hemp oil.

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5. Hemp Company CBD/CBG


What is CBG you might ask?

“Cannabigerol” is one of the most talked about cannabinoids in the industry at the minute with many calling it “The Mother Cannabinoid”. It’s easy to see why there’s such big interest in its health benefits.

Many studies have shown CBG to have incredible effects on protecting the gut and helping to maintain focus (with exam season coming up , this could be majorly beneficial). We have blended our already popular CBD full spectrum with a 1:1 ratio of CBG to CBD and it’s an absolute winner. The feedback has been incredible from our customers and it’s really exciting to see where the CBG market will go.

It’s our Star buy this month at a reduced price of €39.95 (perfect to get you through exam season).

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Big thanks to Jonny for taking the time to pick out the best of the best for May. Talk to the people who know what they’re talking about!
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