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Green Mood’s Vave Starter Kit is the perfect no-hassle introduction to the world of vaping that will have even those with no experience at all vaping in minutes. This starter kit comes packed with all the essentials: your vape pen, your cartridge, battery and charger so all you have to do is open the box to get started.

0% THC

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So unpack that eye-catching, slim, and discreet vape pen, charge it up, and get vaping. Designed specifically to be compatible with cartridges from Green Mood CBD, the hardest thing about using this starter kit is choosing a flavor!

Each kit comes with the following:

  • Vave Pen Diffusor
  • Hemp-Extract Cartridge
  • User Manual
  • 510 Thread magnetic adapter
  • USB Charging cable

Each starter-kit contains a Green Mood Hemp Extract Cartridge with 0.25ml and a CBD content of 50%,  a magnetic adapter and the rechargeable Vave Pen Diffusor in black with 310mAh. Green Mood Vave pens are free of buttons and settings for absolute ease of use, and if you just can’t wait to get going, it’s as easy as mounting your cartridge – start vaping fully automatically.

With the starter pack you get one OG Kush cartridge, but don’t worry, there’s a world of flavors to choose from separately! These 0.5ml Cartridges contain pure, full spectrum hemp, are available in 5 great flavors, and contain all those delicious terpenes and cannabinoids that can transform your vaping experience.

These cartridges contain no VG, no PG and no MCT oil, making it 100% natural cannabidiol. And, with 30% full spectrum CBD (163.2mg / cartridge), they’re suitable for a wide range of CBD users. All you have to do is screw the cartridge onto your e-cig and you’re good to go! No fuss, no mess, and no wasted time. Flavors to choose from include:

  • Green Mood Lemon Haze
  • Green Mood Mango Kush
  • Green Mood Tangie
  • Green Mood OG Kush
  • Green Mood Berry Diesel

Green Mood CBD Cartridge Ingredients:

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

Organic Terpenes

Storing and Safety Information:

  • After opening, use within 6 months.
  • Store out of reach of children.
  • Not suitable for pregnant or nursing women.
  • Keep cool, dry and protected from sunlight!


Green Mood


Super Lemon Haze, OG Kush

3 reviews for Green Mood Starter Kit

  1. Colin Fleck (verified owner)

    This was was my first time trying out CBD and I couldn’t have found a better introduction. I tend to have intense bouts of stress that come and go caused by my job. Having this vape there when those episodes happened really calmed me down and allowed a lot of the stress to roll off my back. The vape is super easy to use and not harsh on your throat or lungs. The lemon haze flavour was delicious! Definitely will be trying the other flavours out asap!

  2. Clare Barrett (verified owner)

    Firstly the delivery was incredible I had this kit in 2 days.
    This was my very first time using CBD and even vaping but all was a very pleasent experience and with the kit I was within minutes.
    I suffer quite bad at times with stress and anxiety but this has really helped and elevated my mood.
    I’ve since ordered another flavour cartridge Berry Disel so many to choose from I’m looking forward to trying my next one

  3. jiri (verified owner)

    very nice simple vape, easy to use, the CBD oil is doing what spouse to. I’m very happy with this product..

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