About Us – The Hemp Company

At 167 Capel Street, The Hemp Company has been Ireland’s most trusted source for all things hemp-related since 1999. We offer a wide range of hemp-based goods, including CBD food supplements, hemp clothing products, hemp accessories, and hemp cosmetics.

The discovery and development of CBD oil has been the most exciting gift that the hemp plant has delivered. Hemp plants that are high in CBD are naturally low in THC (less than 0.2%), so they have no narcotic effect. However, there is still confusion about this simple fact at state level and in the media.

Despite the global interest and the streams of human interest stories, there is still much ignorance about the properties and benefits of CBD. All over the world, countries are struggling to catch up with regulation and legislation as consumer demand far outreaches expectations.

The Hemp Company Dublin is absolutely dedicated to not just continually striving for the latest and best hemp oil and CBD based products, but to ensuring that our customers know exactly why these products are superior. With 20 years of experience in the industry, we have a unique advantage in not just our product knowledge, but also in the selection of the world’s best-known and reliable brands.

All our staff are very knowledgeable about the particular brands and why they might be of interest to customers and their well-being regimes. So much of the business is repeat and through referrals, proving that there is confidence and trust between us and the public.

We will always advocate a strong knowledge base when it comes to the wide and sometimes volatile world of hemp and CBD because we understand that a smart consumer is a safe consumer. This is our promise to you and it is one that we intend to always adhere to – together we can continue to expand our knowledge so that you can develop the tools needed to trust in the brands and products we offer.