CBD Shatter & Concentrates

CBD Shatter and Concentrates offer an unbeatable experience. With great potency and near-instant effects, the CBD Shatter and Concentrates you’ll find at The Hemp Company are the very best - all of our shatter and concentrates are tested by independent labs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are CBD shatters & concentrates?

    CBD shatters and concentrates are extremely potent forms of CBD that come in a variety of consistencies, colours, and flavours. As the name suggests, these are ‘concentrated’ forms of CBD that are popular with experienced users due to their exceptional strength and rapid onset.
  • How are CBD shatters & concentrates made?

    CBD shatters and concentrates are made by extracting ‘raw’ CBD from the hemp plant. The differences in their composition are related to how they’re extracted and processed. For example, shatter gets its name because it doesn’t crystallise during this process (after it cools, it resembles glass), whilst wax does crystallise when extracted.
  • How can I use CBD shatters and concentrates?

    One of the most popular ways to use CBD shatters and concentrates is with a ‘dab rig,’ a specialized piece of equipment that delivers incredibly powerful, near-instantaneous effects. For those who aren’t ready to make that investment, many vaporizers are also compatible with shatters and concentrates.
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