Top 5 Staff Picks – Jim

Jim McDonald in a hemp suit

Who better than the boss to give us his top five product picks this month? We asked Hemp Company Founder to enlighten us about some of his favourite bits.    1. Mighty Vaporiser €348   My Rolls Royce is the MIGHTY! Top of the vaporiser charts for me when relaxing at home. Sheer luxurious quality […]

Top 5 Staff Picks – Hayley

Our top five product picks are from Hayley this month. From face serum to gummy worms!    1. From the Woods CBD Infused Face Serum €44.95   ‘FROM THE WOODS’ Face Serum, CBD infused serum 600mg for €44.95. This a deeply hydrating product with antioxidants to relieve inflammation and dryness, perfect for coming into the […]

Meet the Team: Evelyn Campbell

Evelyn Campbell has been working full time with the Hemp Company for the last number of years but her friendship with Founder Jim McDonald spans decades. We caught up with Ev to have a chat about her hemp journey to date, the things she is most passionate about when it comes to the industry and […]

Summer Recipe: How to Make Strawberry Hemp Ice-Cream

Strawberry Hemp Ice Cream Recipe Image

Time for a cool down with our Summer recipe for strawberry hemp ice-cream! Another super easy recipe to make, this healthy ice-cream is the perfect dessert or morning snack. What will you need? 4 frozen bananas 500g frozen strawberries ½ cup plant based milk (you could use hemp milk, check out our recipe for that […]

Top 5 Staff Picks – July

Julien's Top 5 Staff Picks

The guys have been busy in store this month as things start to properly open up in Dublin’s City Centre. Julian took some time out of his busy schedule to pick some of his favourite hemp products to share with you all. With products starting at €8.95, there is something for everyone from food to […]

Meet the Team: Jordan Curtis

Jordan Curtis

Say hello to Jordan C! Jordan is behind the scenes at The Hemp Company looking after customer service, online sales and working hard as the post team rep. When your orders from the website land, Jordan is responsible for packing and posting them, maintaining stock levels on the website and answering your queries via email […]

How to Make Hemptella Spread

Hemptella Chocolate Spread Vegan Recipe

Following on from our hemp milk recipe last month, we’ve worked up another easy to follow recipe for our very own chocolate spread, hemptella! Our “hemptella” spread is our take on Nutella, it’s incredibly easy to make and is filled with hemp goodness. Perfect for slathering on your home baked treats. Vegan friendly and dairy-free […]

Top 5 Staff Picks of the Month – June

Ricky Murphy outside the store on Capel Street

Our TOP 5 STAFF PICKS were selected by the one and only Ricky Murphy, our Shop Floor Manager here on Capel Street. Being on the shop floor day-in, day-out means the team really get to know our stock, what customers love and where the best buys are. 1. Hemp Co Active + CBD Oil   […]

Meet the Team: Marc McDonald

Marc McDonald headshot from The Hemp Company

Here at the Hemp Company we’re like one big family apart from the ones that are actually family… Marc McDonald, Jim’s son, and Wicklow native, is our General Manager and a wealth of knowledge on all things hemp related. With a passionate Father in the hemp industry for over 20 years, it seems fitting that […]