Top 5 Staff Picks – Jim

Jim McDonald in a hemp suit

Who better than the boss to give us his top five product picks this month? We asked Hemp Company Founder to enlighten us about some of his favourite bits. 


1. Mighty Vaporiser €348


The Mighty Vaporizer by Storz & BickelMy Rolls Royce is the MIGHTY!

Top of the vaporiser charts for me when relaxing at home. Sheer luxurious quality all the way, a bit like myself.


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2. PAX 3 Vaporiser €250


Pax 3 size in hand viewClosely followed by my Ferrari which is the PAX3 vaporiser.

It’s sophisticated and sleek as well as being perfectly discreet and portable.

It’s my favourite companion for nights out on the town.


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3. The Vegan Milk Alternative Bundle €50


The Vegan Milk Alternative BundleWhen I need a bit of hemp food nourishment, I make Hemp Milk with my trusty Milk Maker and a bag of Hemp Seeds. Hemp Milk by far outstrips dairy for human health.

I seriously recommend people do some research to help them make life serving choices for their families.

If Dairy is not your thing check out this Vegan Milk Maker with Hemp seeds bundle for €50.


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4. Hemp Up Vegan Energy Bars €2.50


Hemp Up Vegan Energy Bars PackI move around a lot and always carry a few Hemp UP vegan energy bars in my Brompton bag for emergencies. Pure natural organic hemp and fruit nutrition without gluten or sugar, these bars are a nutritious tasty treat for all the family.

Stop spiking on sugary treats today and protect your family’s health with a choice of flavours like Vanilla, Cacao, Fig, Barberry, Sour Cherry, & Cranberry. 48g bar for €2.50 or buy 3 for €6.

 Available in-store only. Coming soon online.





5. Hemp Suits – Coming soon…


Jim McDonald in a hemp suitMy final Pick is a bit irregular as we have not yet got it in stock but you’ll have to forgive me as I am the boss.

I absolutely LOVE my hemp tailored suits, made in Europe from locally grown hemp.

We have a new range of Hemp clothing from this manufacturer and hope to have then in store real soon.

Watch this space.





Big thanks to Jim for taking the time to pick out the best of the best this month. Talk to the people who know what they’re talking about!

Did you try any of these products? Let us know how you got on by tagging: @thehempcompanydublin or #hempcompanydublin.