Meet the Team: Marc McDonald

Marc McDonald headshot from The Hemp Company

Here at the Hemp Company we’re like one big family apart from the ones that are actually family… Marc McDonald, Jim’s son, and Wicklow native, is our General Manager and a wealth of knowledge on all things hemp related.

With a passionate Father in the hemp industry for over 20 years, it seems fitting that Marc would also finally re-join the McDonald family business in April 2016. With Jim being a serial entrepreneur, Marc worked alongside him in the 90’s across everything from candles to clothing. He first heard about hemp off his Dad and brother Ross who got their intro from a passer-by on the street when selling t-shirts for an Earth Watch Ireland fundraiser on Grafton Street. The t-shirts were made with no dye using organic cotton but as the observer noted could be even more environmentally friendly if made from hemp! This was the beginning for the McDonalds.

What struck me about hemp was the many different ways it can be harnessed and utilised and subsequently my Father’s refusal to limit himself or the company to just one!

Marc is now the General Manager for The Hemp Company with a whole range of purchasing, sales and regulatory responsibilities (the latter of which there are many). He sees the major potential for both the business and the hemp industry but like many others in this sector, is frustrated with the pace of change which is often one step forward, two steps back.

Back in 2017 and 2018 The Hemp Company was a force in this industry leading the way in an attempt to better the world for people and planet. Now we’re all in a constant fight to keep the market open.

As a result, it’s very difficult to know what the future will bring but as always, Marc and the team will remain steadfast in their belief that the future is brighter with hemp.

His favourite product is the Hemp Company own brand Gold Edition CBD Oil with an incredible 25% CBD concentration. Check it out here.