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Finding The Balance Day-To-Day With Hemp & CBD

A forest with light streaming through the trees

With so much talk of health, wellness and weight loss in the first few months of the year and people jumping on the exercise buzz all around us, it can feel a bit overwhelming.  In this month’s issue of Rude Health Magazine our general manager, Marc McDonald contributed to an article called ‘The truth about […]

The Alternative Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas gift guide

Buying for people at Christmas gets very boring sometimes, it has to be said. Most shops stock the same stuff and it is becoming increasingly hard to find unusual, cool gifts – that’s where we come in. The legendary staff (even if we say so ourselves) on Capel Street have been working hard creating some […]

CBD & Sporting Life.

CBD & Sporting Life. Clearing up Misconceptions and Looking at The Research Around CBD Use From a Sporting Perspective. CBD, a food supplement derived from Industrial Hemp, has been gaining traction in the world of professional sport for the past few years. The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared CBD products to be safe in their […]