Finding The Balance Day-To-Day With Hemp & CBD

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With so much talk of health, wellness and weight loss in the first few months of the year and people jumping on the exercise buzz all around us, it can feel a bit overwhelming. 

In this month’s issue of Rude Health Magazine our general manager, Marc McDonald contributed to an article called ‘The truth about CBD’. Marc quite rightly noted ‘The single most important benefit of CBD is its impact on the overall balancing systems for which we have receptors, both internally and externally, throughout our entire body’. 

When the world is spinning around us and we are striving for better balance, looking at the basics is a good place to start; maintaining good sleep patterns, eating a balanced and nutritious diet and keeping hydrated. 

Hemp foods from organic hemp seeds have been regarded as a ‘superfood’ for centuries due to their rich nutritional value. Not only are they high in protein, they’re one of the only plant-based foods to contain a full array of essential amino acids including GLA. The OMEGA 3-6 ratio is also in perfect balance and provides an excellent alternative to fish oils. Organic Hemp seeds are also an excellent source of fibre, ‘good’ unsaturated fats, and vitamins and minerals

Here on our site you will find a range of hemp foods and drinks. From hemp hearts, protein powder, and pesto to chocolate and hemp coffee & teas. Check out our other blog posts for some fun Hemp recipes to try out too.

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Not getting a good night’s sleep can be detrimental to our general health, which was most recently supported in a study by the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland (RCSI). CBD can improve sleep, mood and general well being. Attitudes towards CBD and other related products made from industrial Hemp are rapidly coming full circle with great numbers of people now recognising the important contribution cannabinoids may bring to their wellbeing.

To find the right CBD products for your needs, have a look at the information at the bottom of this page on our website. We recommend a ‘start low and take it slow’ approach taking CBD consistently and allow about 3-4 weeks for your ‘Bell Curve’ effect, (see image below), to find its level. Remember, if you “don’t feel anything”, don’t feel disheartened. Your cannabinoid system is adjusting to getting what it needs so work with it to find your ideal concentration level. The ideal is to determine the least amount of CBD for the desired positive effect. Our staff are knowledgeable in all things Hemp and CBD and are always more than happy to offer help and advice on our products so that you get the most out of them, just get in touch. 

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