Meet The Hemp Company clothing range – join the slow fashion movement

In keeping with our reputation as hemp pioneers, The Hemp Company range of Menswear is made from 100% Organic hemp, the fibres being processed once the plant material has been harvested for its many other uses. After weaving, the cloth has been dyed and finished using vegetable dyes with the minimum impact possible on the environment. Yet hemp clothing also has benefits for the wearer. The garments produced are naturally antimicrobial, breathable, compostable and recyclable which gives more than a nod to the ‘greening’ of the fashion industry. We plan to follow up in 2023 with a womenswear range and more formal tailored clothes for men.


Our goals and hopes for the fashion industry

At The Hemp Company we look forward to the time when quality, fashionable, ethically produced clothing ranges are widely available to consumers. SLOW FASHION won’t be the cheap option so to support it requires a mind-set change from the consumer towards fairer and more environmentally conscious purchasing. The fast fashion industry providers are already making shapes to ‘green wash’ their retail offerings— be wide to this and don’t be afraid to question. Watch this great video to see what we mean.

If the price is too good to be true then you can be confident corners have been cut somewhere along the supply chain… and the social responsibility, environmental, and human cost is not being factored into the purchase. Our goal is to educate people towards supporting responsible producers and retailers. We hope the tide may finally turn in favour of the greater good of all.


Investment, recycling, building your own unique collection

Consumers can play a vital role in this badly needed reset by following our Simple Tips for being more sustainable when it comes to fashion:

1. 30 wears test, will I wear this at least 30 times? If the answer is no – it will likely not be worth your while purchasing.
2. Shop vintage
3. Buy clothes you can wear all year round
4. Donate your clothes to charity
5. Mend broken things instead of throwing them away
6. Invest in quality, sustainably produced, day to day items

The very survival of our world is the responsibility of every person and the most fundamental needs like food and clothing are great places to start where small changes can pay big dividends in carbon sequestration and environmental sustainability. Support SLOW FASHION when and where you can and be a conscious part of halting the juggernaut. When the consumer changes their mind set then industries must follow. The power for positive change lies in your hands.

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