Myriam’s Hope Hemp Balm 750mg


Aching joints and sore muscles aren’t just something athletes experience after a particularly rigorous workout, I’m sure most of us have experienced these symptoms at some point in the past. What if we at the Hemp Company could offer you a product that provides maximum relief with a little help from organic ingredients and a whole lot of hemp?

Myriam’s Hope Hemp Infused Balm is a product we are delighted to offer our happy hemp consumers because we know that Myriam’s Hope can be totally trusted to provide joints and muscles with a natural, organic, relaxing experience. Formulated with 750MG of CBD per 2FL OZ pot, this Balm has a noticeably high dose of CBD so you can reap the maximum benefits of its natural potential.

Just massage this luxurious, rich balm into aching muscles and joints and bask in its relaxing scent and ultimate hemp experience!

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