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The Hemp Company Topical CBD Patches 30 x 15mg (THC Free)

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The latest addition to our Hemp Company range is our new Topical CBD Patches (THC Free): One of the most effective ways to absorb CBD into the system is via the skin, the biggest organ of the body. This is a powerful way to target the properties of CBD to a direct area. Yet it’s also an ideal delivery method to help increase the uptake of CBD in your body in general as it gets absorbed without needing to pass through the digestive system or be metabolised in the liver. This assures no overlap with medications that may be in use.

Our easy to use Topical Patches are an effective and practical way for adults and children to enjoy the properties of CBD by delivering a slow release over 12-36 hours. (As everyone is different each body absorbs CBD at a different rate.) This makes sure your body is provided with the amount of CBD it needs throughout the day and night. Topical Patches offer an alternative to other forms of CBD but can also be used in conjunction with other delivery methods should you require. At The Hemp Company Dublin, we always suggest that customers spend some time understanding how these products affect their body to decide what works best for them.


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1 review for The Hemp Company Topical CBD Patches 30 x 15mg (THC Free)

  1. Madonna Edgar (verified owner)

    This product is very effective in controlling my chronic nerve pain. Easy to place on and stays put throughout the day. Four stars, would be 5 if there was a choice in strengths. Well done.

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