Volcano Hybrid


Storz and Bickel have established themselves as one of the leading producers of amazing vapes, and have solidified themselves as a brand associated with medical grade quality, immense durability, and absolutely flawless vapor. They’re infamous for the best, high-quality vaporiser designs in Ireland and the larger vaping world, with just under 20 years of experience the Volcano Hybrid is their latest introduction, taking over from the Volcano Digit.

The Hybrid’s name is appropriate – the blended convection/conduction double heating action means that conduction heating can get that temperature up quickly, and convection heating can then kick in to keep the vapor quality perfect. Coming in at 1.8 kilos and requiring an outlet for power, the Hybrid probably won’t be the machine you require for quick, on the go vaping sessions. However, less portability means more room for excellent tech and impeccable performance – and if you’re in the market for medical grade quality, we implore you to look no further.

With a clear, brightly lit and easy to navigate, touch screen LED display that showcases the temperature, the Hybrid is super easy to navigate for beginners and experts alike. And, if you’re one for options, the Hybrid can be easily switched between tube inhalation or valve balloon filling for vapor that you can store to use throughout the day. The Hybrid allows for full temperature control down to the degree and has introduced an app which can be used to control the temperature as well. The digital display features an easy-to-use control panel and  precise temperature readings throughout your whole session.

The heating element is steel-clad ceramic, the heat exchanger is aluminium alloy, the heat-tempered polymer balloon is 100% food grade polythene, and the cellulose air system used for insulation is 100% food grade silicone. All of these elements combine seamlessly to create a top quality, versatile, functionable mechanism that is more friend than machine.

0% THC

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