Volcano Classic Vaporizer


“I’ve had [my Classic] for 4 years and it’s still working flawlessly… if you’re in the market for a desktop vaporizer with a proven name and track record, the Volcano is your best bet.” – Buzz Danklin, Vaporizerwizard

Not only is the Volcano a durable, well-thought out machine, it’s also a design icon, copied but never bettered.

One of the first ever vaporizers sold in large numbers, and for many years the only vape in popular consciousness, the Volcano lives up to its well-deserved reputation.

Although the vaporizer market has grown exponentially since the Volcano was first developed back in 1996, Volcanoes are still one of the most widely used vaporizers, and according to critics above, still one of the best out there. That’s a mark of just how well the design by Storz and Bickel has held up over time.

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