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Tommy Chong's Limited Edition Grinder


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When a plain old grinder fails to inspire, let Tommy Chong breathe new life into your CBD dry flower with this impeccable, collectable, beautiful grinder. Tommy Chong’s limited edition grinder looks as flawless as it functions – we promise. And, with only 1000 made worldwide, anyone lucky enough to get their hands on one will spark admiration, and maybe just a bit of envy!

This 2 piece Limited Edition Tommy Chong Grinder will perfectly grind your hemp flower in seconds to the perfect consistency for your dry herb vape. With a beautiful wood finish, strong aluminum teeth, issue number blazoned on the back and its own wax-sealed hemp pouch and polishing wax, this grinder goes beyond any collector’s wildest dreams!

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The ideal gift for those customers serious about their dried CBD hemp flower, Tommy Chong has created an effortless grinding experience that is so much more than your standard grind. So soak in the experience – unwrap that limited edition hemp pouch, let the scent of wood polish wrap you in decadence, and breathe a little bit more life into your day.

Tommy Chong’s Limited Edition Grinder has some amazing features:

  • Only 1000 made!
  • Comes in a wax sealed hemp pouch
  • Comes with all-natural rolling papers
  • Each individual issue number is carved into the back
  • Also includes polishing wax for treating the wood
  • Comes with free Bowantri skins – while stock last
  • 0% THC


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