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The Hemp Company 10% CBD Oil THC Free


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People decide to use CBD products for a wide variety of personal reasons that only they can determine. These can range from social to cultural and everything in between. At The Hemp Company Dublin we are committed to providing all of you with a range of choices that suit the diversity of your lifestyles.

In consultation with our world class manufacturing team we have been working hard to match your needs and bring our own CBD Oil with 0% THC into our portfolio.

These products have the same characteristics of our signature range with only the THC removed. The range has been specifically developed for those whose work, sports, or personal preferences require a Broad Spectrum THC free CBD.

We are offering a wide range of strengths to ensure that each individual can find the perfect balance to suit their personal choice:

5%–10%–15%–20% Broad Spectrum CBD

CONSISTENT performance is guaranteed by investment in advanced chromatograph equipment and up to date ISO accreditation

RELIABLE pure product quality is guaranteed by observing pharmaceutical standards confirmed by subsequent third party lab testing

FOCUSED this product has been specifically developed for those whose work, sports, or personal preference requires a broad spectrum THC-free CBD

TRUSTED loyalty to our brand from regular repeat customers is the best evidence of their personal experience that our products work


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