Prospectors Handle Comb


Looking sharp never felt so good with Prospectors Handle Comb, the perfect accompaniment to any of Prospectors Hemp Oil Pomades! With a classic caramel tortoiseshell colour and barbershop design, this comb is effortlessly stylish and cool – and more than that, it’s full of remarkable things to keep your hair looking and feeling its best.

This beauty of a gentleman’s comb is handmade and finely crafted, because style starts at the source. Made with coarse teeth, this comb will easily work with any hair type to effortlessly distribute a fine pomade throughout the hair. Indeed, this comb is best used for distributing product to create a natural, loose look. Made from plant cellulose for a flexible strength, Prospectors Handle Comb is designed with the knowledge that flexibility is key to keeping your delicate strands from breaking and splitting.

So pop this unassuming, stylish comb in your pocket or bag and go into your day knowing that perfect style is only a comb away.