Prospectors Fine Tooth Comb


Sometimes the small things make all the difference to looking and feeling your finest – Prospectors Fine Tooth Comb is the perfect accompaniment to any beard of reputation and dignity! With a classic caramel tortoiseshell colour and barbershop design, this comb is small enough to keep in a back pocket or jacket. These little combs look deceptively innocent, but they’re full of remarkable things to keep your facial hair looking and feeling its best.

This comb makes for a great travel comb for your beard/mustache to keep you on point throughout the day. It’s fine teeth are sawcut for comfort and made from plant cellulose for a flexible strength that helps ensure ease of use and effective styling. But more than this, flexibility is key to keeping your delicate strands from breaking and splitting – the number one key to great hair, even facial hair, as we all know!

So pop this unassuming, stylish comb in your pocket or bag and go into your day knowing that perfect style is only a comb away.