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This high concentration Full Spectrum CBD Oil offers users a perfect 1:1 ratio of hemp seed oil and CBD. This 10ml bottle contains 8% (800mg) of full spectrum CBD, or 3.5mg per drop, and is the ideal supplement addition to your wellness routine.

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Hemp Company Dublin are especially dedicated to educating people around the potential benefits of nutritional supplements extracted from species of Cannabis which are high in the chemical compound CBD, and our 10ml/8% CBD Oil is a great place to start. The Hemp Oil used to carry the CBD is absolutely pure, Dutch and German grown, and comes from CBD rich Cannabis Sativa plants.

But the Hemp Company Dublin doesn’t just want to make a top quality CBD oil, they also continually strive to provide the best value of CBD for money available on the Irish market. So start your CBD journey with an oil that reflects quality without compromising your wallet – this 10ml CBD oil is convenient to take, easy to dose, and can be easily stored in a purse or bag for use throughout the day.


  • Highly concentrated full spectrum CBD oil
  • Available in mint, lemon, or original hemp extract flavours
  • Contains all the terpenes and other compounds found in hemp
  • Less than 0.2% THC

Directions for use:
Consult with your doctor before taking CBD alongside pharmaceuticals. Shake well before using.
Simply drop one or two drops under your tongue once or twice a day, or add to your favourite recipes for a health boost!
Each drop contains 3.5mg of CBD, and detailed dosing instructions are available on the label.

Safety and Storage Information:
Do not use if safety seal is broken or missing.
Keep out of reach of children.


Hemp Company

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Weight 100 g
Flavour Blend

Original Hemp Extract, Lemon, Mint

44 reviews for Hemp Company CBD Oil 10ml

  1. bethfreeman94

    I definitely think this has helped me, whether real or placebo, I’ve been loving it and spreading the word to friends and fellow sufferers of chronic pain.

    I have found this so good. I suffer chronic daily migraines and have been on a whole hoard of medications, none of which helped and all of which came with loads of side effects.

    I’ve been using CBD oil for about 2.5 months now and have seen some improvement. I have been using this one now which is stronger than those I had before for only 2 weeks, but I definitely think it’s helping (in conjunction with suppliments).

    I have the Mint flavour which still tastes gross(really earthy, some may like it but it’s not my cup of tea) but has that calming mint feel that my triptans(migraine attack meds) have which is nice.

    The price is GREAT for the dosage. I had spent €30 on a 5% bottle that I used up to 3 full droppers a day.
    This one, however I only use 4 to 9 drops a day and I counted yesterday and there’s 24 drops per dropper, so I was taking up to 72 drops a day (roughly, could have been different in the other one) of the other brand.

    I would 100% say to try it out.
    (My Instagram is @bethfreeman94 if you want to ask me questions on my experience. Also I’ve absolutely no connection to the shop I’m just passionate about people finding help for their issues /ailments.) x

  2. Beth

    I’ve been using the mint version of this for 2 months now for chronic daily migraines and it’s been astounding how well it’s worked.
    Admittedly the taste isn’t wonderful but the mintiness is a nice refresher (reminds me of my Rizatriptan I used to take for acute treatment for migraine) and oddly enough I’ve been using this as both preventative and in place if a triptan. On really bad days I take it like a triptan…. But I dontt have to worry about the €10 price tag per pill nor do I have to worry about rebound headaches because none of that concern applies to this *praise lord baby Jesus* ???? ????????????????????????. This has been ab absolute god send. It’s been so much more effective (in conjunction with my suppliments), SOOO much cheaper and so much healthier. I feel like I’ve some of my life back.

  3. Catherine (verified owner)

    Three weeks in I’m still experimenting I find it gives me a good lift out of my depression I suffer with chronic hand wrist and shoulder pain I’m gonna try a few more products and hopefully will find one to suit me ????

  4. Maria (verified owner)

    Brilliant … I started with 5% for more money (another shop) and decided to increase to 8% when I saw this page … it’s really helped my anxiety and my mood and I will be buying more … the price is unbeatable and irrespective of that it genuinely helps me and that’s priceless to me !! Thank you ????

  5. Leigha Parker

    Love this product.

  6. Shira Brady

    Using this product for a week, to help with sleeping. Delighted with the results. I don’t have a chronic sleep problem but my sleeping routine can get disrupted by our two kids. I’d highly recommend. Previously, I tried a different brand (5%), was OK but nowhere near as effective.

  7. Sorcha (verified owner)

    I suffer with pinched nerves in my neck which sends pain to my arm and hand. I have been suffering with this for about 10 years and was taking anti inflammatories with pain killer daily and attending regular physio. I have been using this oil, for about 3 months now, started with 6 drops daily then 3 drops daily, I am now taking 3 drops every two or three days. It is brilliant, I havent needed nor taken any painkillers or anti inflamatories for the last 3 months. I highly recommend.

  8. Azz (verified owner)

    Great service. Delivery was super quick. The oil is great as always. Perfect strength. I find it helps with my anxiety as I have autism. Packaging really cute as well.

  9. Eamonn Byrne (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this for a few months now. Really good for anxiety where it helps to quiet the mind and it also cleared up a chronic cough!

  10. H Glover (verified owner)

    Great stuff…can’t live without it!
    Helps with anxiety and depression and also keeps aches and pains of fibromyalgia at bay.

  11. Luna (verified owner)

    We are regular customers and we love the quality of the oil and its benefits mum has fybromialgia and this helps her a lot.

  12. Jodie B (verified owner)

    I’ve tried CBD oil a couple of times over the last year. I mainly struggle with being anxious and constant worrying thoughts, that would leave me very uptight. Since I’ve tried this CBD oil and figured out the dosage that works for me I’ve seen such amazing improvements in calming my mind, feeling more relaxed and present in the moment. It’s definitely a process, but the Hemp Company were very accommodating when I went to the shop and explained what I wanted to use CBD for. I currently live in Scotland now and I get it delivered, I am so impressed with the quality and its effectiveness compared to other brands I have tired. It has really helped a lot and I have such peace of mind knowing I’m looking after myself naturally. Would really recommend for anyone feeling similar.

  13. Quatchlover (verified owner)

    great for sleep & anxiety.

  14. Jacqueline (verified owner)

    Great product.

  15. Crystal (verified owner)

    I’m actually quite surprised at how well it’s working. I am sleeping so much better and I find the effects very relaxing. I have tried other brands before and have not experienced the same effect.

  16. Emma

    Better quality than more expensive brands I’ve tried. I’d absolutely recommend it. Works brilliantly for anxiety and general worry.

  17. Gianluca (verified owner)

    Top notch. I ordered the original flavour which I find very appealing. Very mellow effects, helping with feelings of anxiety.

  18. Séan Jackson (verified owner)

    Good oil

  19. Margaret Coen (verified owner)

    Just starting using this, it is great for my sciatica, gives much relief. I also bought the balm and use both together. Would recommend!

  20. Magda (verified owner)

    This oil is amazing, I bought it because I have sleep problems, I must say that it works perfectly for me. I strongly recommend this cbd oil.

  21. Jennie (verified owner)

    I have tried several brands of CBD oil but I find that the Original Hemp Company CBD oil is definitely the most effective I have come across. I have been buying this for years now and would highly recommend! I find it helps with chronic pain as well as anxiety.

  22. Rebecca (verified owner)

    Brilliant product suffer with chronic migraines should be on painkillers every day but I take this instead so much better for your health has saved my life

  23. paul (verified owner)

    Amazing product, first time trying CBD oil and so worth it. My aniexty has eased so much over the past week I also sleep a lot deeper.

  24. Luke Dominiak (verified owner)

    Great as always. Helps calming down and in better sleep + helps with headaches – no headaches and migraines.

  25. Pablo Gonzalez (verified owner)

    I bought this due to anxiety/panic attacks after a health scare. I was already getting better when I bought this, but taking the oil definitely marked a before/after in my anxiety journey.

    The oil doesn’t relax me or anything like that, it simply makes the anxiety go away, total absence.

    I’m very grateful to all the people who took the time to post their reviews as otherwise I wouldn’t have been confident in purchasing this. It really works!

  26. Lisa (verified owner)

    Not feeling a whole lot calmer but perhaps it takes time

  27. Brian Dempsey (verified owner)

    Great product and very helpful staff.

  28. Fabiana (verified owner)

    My wife and I have been taking 3 drops each under our tongue just before bed for the last month or so. I initially took it during the day but personally felt a little spacey, whereas my wife felt fine. We moved to evening, and in general I’d say I feel less significantly anxious, calmer and we’re both sleeping better. We are constantly trying to look after ourselves so of course this could be placebo or due to another factor like dietary change, but I believe in the power of placebos and will definitely continue to take this oil.

  29. Jon Macro (verified owner)

    It seems very high quality and delivery is excellent!

  30. Jon Macro (verified owner)

    It seems very high quality and delivery is excellent

  31. Luna (verified owner)

    CBD oil helps mum with her fibromyalgia symptoms it is better than standard medication.

  32. Patricia O’Farrell (verified owner)

    I’ve only been using this CBD oil (mint flavour) for a few days so it’s a bit early to say if it’s of any benefit yet.
    I was pleased with the prompt delivery and the information on the website is very useful.
    I’ll continue to use the oil for the forseeable future.

  33. Vicky Mackman (verified owner)

    Seemed to work well. But for myself due to the amount of pain, through Endometriosis I’d need around two bottles a month, which is too expensive. A shame as I wanted to come off prescription pain medication.
    I had the full spectrum one with mint flavour.

  34. Rosanna (verified owner)

    This oil is great especially if you are beginner to CBD It helps with my anxiety and joint muscle pain aswell as my sleep patern , I prefer the mint one as it doesn’t taste the best but I’d reccomend you take it by itself under the tounge for a stronger quicker affect.

  35. Rafael Santa Clara (verified owner)

    Very good product. The delivery should be quicker but no problem at all.

  36. Nicola

    Very helpful, knowledgeable and courteous staff. Item arrived within 24 hours. This oil was of great benefit to my small dog with arthritis. Won’t be without this brand of CBD oil for her ever again.

  37. Nicola (verified owner)

    Very helpful, knowledgeable and courteous staff. Item arrived within 24 hours. This oil was of great benefit to my small dog with arthritis. Won’t be without this brand of CBD oil for her ever again.

  38. Lena Ralph (verified owner)

    Only taking for one week, I noticed that I’m not as stressed, happy with result so far

  39. Niall (verified owner)

    Has not helped me with sleep however anxiety has improved
    The mint flavour although better in taste give me heartburn

  40. Nic (verified owner)

    Really helps with my anxiety been using this oil the past 3 years especially at night helps me relax

  41. Hazel (verified owner)

    Love this product.

  42. Shem

    Defo helps with anxieties. not so with sleeping.

  43. Brian (verified owner)

    Best quality cbd oil I have tried to date. Highly recommend. I prefer the original flavour best.

  44. Brian (verified owner)

    Excellent product

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