Hemp Up Sour Cherry and Mulberry Bar


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Created in collaboration with a chef specializing in raw-vegan cuisine, the Organic HEMP UP Seed Bar with Sourcherry and Mulberry is a snack that provides a natural source of good energy. The content of minerals, vitamins and fatty acids make this bar a healthy and satisfying food. It is a perfect partner for a healthy active life.


Due to the ingredients it is also suitable for people who have lactose or gluten intolerance.


Cold processing of ingredients and packing in high quality protective atmosphere packaging contributes to preserving the taste and nutritional qualities of the Organic HEMP UP Seed Bar with Sourcherry and Mulberry.


Ingredients: Sour Cherries* (20 %), Hemp Seeds* (19 %), White Mulberries (16%), *, Dates*, Raisins*, Cashews*, Almonds*; * = Organic Certified raw materials. May contain traces of nut shells, nuts, fruit pits or sesame. Natural sugars only. Gluten-free by the nature of ingredients


Hemp Up


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