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During these troubled times, we could all use a little miracle to help get us through. Hemp, it so happens, is miraculous for many reasons – and one of them is that it can be woven into a sustainable, breathable, naturally antibacterial fabric.

These reusable Face/Mouth Masks are made from hemp fibre that is mercifully comfortable for the skin to offer you long lasting protection against viruses and air pollution – to help you feel a bit more safe, naturally.

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As we start the slow process of society re-emerging from the unprecedented events of recent months, people are having to consider how best to manage the unknown risks attached to freedom of movement.

Many of us are realising that the simple measure of wearing a mask can help to ward off some of the risks of moving in public spaces during these uncertain times. Indeed anecdotal evidence from Asia, where masks are commonplace in the busy crowded cities, suggests it is worthy of consideration. ( For further info see: Maskssavelives.org)

We are seeing a lot of variety and styles being worn from creative homemade versions to complex medical styles. Few of these will give 100% protection but the general consensus is that wearing a mask is better than nothing in preventing insofar as possible the unseen risks.

At The Hemp Company, Dublin we already know that hemp fabric has quite a lot of benefits for the environment and sustainability but also comforts skin as it has good breathability and naturally occurring anti bacterial properties. It is an ideal fabric for using to make a good quality, washable and reusable face mask to help see us through these troubled times.

We have therefore been exploring some of the styles available and were delighted to find this great shape combined with the benefits of organic hemp fabric and including additional hemp fibre filters. Having to wear a mask is quite restrictive so what is so great about this one?

  • There is a unique seaming detail around the chin area that permits space for air increasing breathability without compromising the fit.
  • The extra space allows your voice to be heard more clearly.
  • It is comfortable to wear for a longer period of time.
  • Dart shaping at the nose allows for breathing while also giving a snug fit.
  • 0% THC.

Care Instructions:

  • Washes time and again, preferably by hand using a biodegradable detergent and warm water, ( can also be machine washed up to 40 degrees with similar colours)
  • Hang to dry, or dry flat, DO NOT TUMBLE DRY to avoid shrinkage.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Disinfect the clean mouth mask before use by ironing the complete mask including the filter for one minute on the highest linen setting.

CAUTION : do not iron the filter without the mask or a dishcloth in between. Be careful not to iron the elastic as it will lose its stretch.



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2 reviews for Hemp Fibre Mask

  1. Annie Marie Murphy (verified owner)

    Like the hemp fibre, excellent cut to match shape of face. Unfortunately the elastic is too short for me and pulls uncomfortablyon ears but I’ll just remove and stitch a new elastic on and it should be fine! 😊

  2. Bridget (verified owner)

    Simple but great

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