Green Mood CBD Crumble

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Green Mood’s incredibly pure quality CBD crumble is truly spectacular, and packed with an abundance of natural terpenes to take your CBD session to the complete next level. Green Mood’s CBD crumble is a concentrated hemp extract that has a waxy, crumbly consistency. As a concentration, Green Mood distills CBD extract until it becomes super high in CBD as well as other beneficial terpenes, flavonoids, amino acids, and essential oils found within the plant.

This Broad Range Crumble is the crystalline form of Green Mood’s outstanding hemp extracts, and the result is one remarkably potent, near instant CBD experience. With a CBD content of 90% and a whole host of delicious smelling natural terpenes, Green Mood’s Crumble is particularly suitable for further processing in cosmetics and for your own fun recipe experimentation – so whether you’re indulging in one of their delicious Crumble flavors on their own or mixing into your own CBD concoction, the sky’s the limit!

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