Elixinol Harmony CBD Capsules 150mg


A perfect blend of 100% organic, vegan-friendly, full spectrum Hemp CBD paired with Chromium and Baobab, Elixinol can help you achieve true harmony. Chromium is important for overall balance and may enhance muscle mass, weight loss, and glucose control. Baobab is an addition rich with many important vitamins like vitamin C, antioxidants, fibre and several key minerals like potassium, magnesium, iron and zinc – and it too helps maintain healthy glucose levels.

Sometimes our diets lack the key components our bodies need to thrive – and sometimes we don’t notice until it’s potentially too late. With Elixinol’s Harmony Blend CBD Capsules, you can take a small step every day to improve your overall wellness. Each bottle contains 30 capsules with 5mg of premium full spectrum CBD in each capsule. Combined, that equates to 150mg of organic cannabidiol per bottle.


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