Boundless CFX


Boundless is known for making affordable yet sophisticated vapes – and the Boundless CFX might just reimagine this whole concept. Picture a premium vape in the same category as the Crafty or Mighty and make it affordable for the everyman! With an impressive 80 watt heating element, this dry herb vape is powerful as well as super speedy – it’ll reach maximum temperature in just 20 seconds. Not only that, an isolated air path provides a pure and flavourful vape without any contaminants of metals or plastics.

It’s easy to control, it’s redesigned, it looks good – and best of all it works perfectly every time. The temp is easily adjusted with OLED digital controls and ranges between 37 °C and 221 °C , it’s reimagined heating chamber utilizes both conduction and convection heating methods to improve the efficiency of your draw and to deliver tasty, dense vapor and it’s compatible with both dry herb and concentrates (with the help of the Boundless concentrates pod). Haptic feedback will let you know when you’re good to vape, and the vape itself can be recharged via USB for ultra convenience.

What more could you possibly need??

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