Green Mood CBD E-Liquid 10ml 100mg


Green Mood’s totally nicotine free CBD E-Liquid has a composition of high quality CBD and an array of natural terpenes such as alpha pinene, beta-pinene and myrcene to provide a natural, distinct hemp flavor and sweetness. Available in a wide array of flavors, Green Mood ensures that each strain’s unique terpene profile remains intact to provide you with an unparallelled CBD E-Liquid.

Green Mood’s e-liquid is intended for use with electronic cigarettes and contains full-spectrum hemp extracts. This convenient 10ml/100mg size is perfect for taking with you on the go and offers a CBD concentration that is ideal for daytime needs. Each Green Mood flavor captures the essence and full terpene profile of the hemp variety from which each liquid is named for a unique and completely delicious CBD experience.

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Known for their superior quality hemp based products, Green Mood combines their dedication for creating the most pure CBD products on the market with a personal quest to make their products easy and convenient for all users – and their E-Liquid is testament to the care that they put into this continued mission.

Vaping CBD E-Liquids can provide a near instant, concentrated dose of CBD that will satisfy any and all CBD needs discreetly, wherever and whenever you require.


  • 0% Nicotine
  • Full Spectrum
  • Pure organic extracts
  • <0.2% THC

Discover what Green Mood’s excellent quality CBD E-Liquids can do for your CBD experience today!


Green Mood


Berry Diesel, Lemon Haze, Mango Kush, Tangie, Og Kush


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