Elixinol CBD Liposome 1000mg


Liposomes act as a sort of natural carrier for hemp derived oil, they help the CBD molecules pass through bodily membranes. The compound can be consumed via mixing with water or used as a typical oral spray by applying to the underside of the tongue.

CBD Liposome mixtures are also available in an array of naturally infused flavours which are aromatic and delicious. Currently available in Citrus, Coconut, Lime and Orange.

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Rapidly dissolving Hemp Oil Liposomes are the latest innovative enhancement to the cannabinoid delivery methods. The cannabinoids are received much faster, deeper and easier than ever before. A simple quick spray under the tongue from the convenient pump dispenser is all you need.

As Cannabidiol is a lipid (fat) soluble molecule it needs natural fats to effectively access the endocannabinoid system. With the use of liposomes the CBD is cocooned in a lipid solution allowing the body to absorb and access the cannabinoids as easily as it can with water.

CBD is infused into naturally occurring phospholipids, which contain both fat and water characteristics. It makes for a powerful combination. The liposomes are paired with natural lemon and orange for a refreshing, aromatic and zesty flavour.


  • Full-Spectrum, Whole Hemp
  • Whole Plant product
  • Suitable for Vegans &
  • Absorption-Ready CBD technology
  • No chemical additives
  • Naturally flavored with natural essential oils

Made from CBD-rich hemp plants, MCT coconut oil, phospholipids.






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