CBD Honey 1.2%


Combining two of nature’s most wellness-bestowing superstars, The Natural Bumble has carefully created your new favorite sweet snack – CBD Honey. Just when you thought CBD couldn’t be any more insatiable, right? But more than being absolutely delicious, combining these two unfurls a blooming flower of health benefits that only get better when they’re squished together. The Natural Bumble’s CBD Honey is made with excellent quality CBD and raw, natural honey. Whether you love or hate the natural taste of CBD, combining it with honey only makes it better – making this product ideal for those who would rather avoid the taste of CBD Oil.

Both hemp and honey have been harnessed for centuries for their wellness properties. Honey has been used for its healing, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, and it naturally contains carbohydrates, water, minerals, nitrogen compounds, enzymes, organic acids, vitamins, aromatic compounds, pollens, royal jelly, colloids, alkaloids, biogenic stimulators, herbal antibiotics, phytohormones, and more! And CBD, the newest star in a long, ancient list relating to hemp, is the soothing, calming, rest-inducing cannabinoid we all love.

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The Natural Bumble is located right here in Ireland and bases their business around supplying honey and bee products so that everyone has the chance to take advantage of the natural wonders of this sweet elixir (did you know that honey is recognised and recommended on the official website of the UK Department of Health for coughs and soothing upper respiratory tract inflammations??). Their honey originates in Bulgaria – a country rich in honey-related history with a long tradition of beekeeping, and recognised for these traditions and achievements the world over.


  • Raw
  • Natural
  • Unfiltered
  • Unheated
  • Single apiary (in the Northeast of Bulgaria)

For best results take a teaspoon of CBD honey at a time and hold in your mouth / under your tongue for some time, before swallowing.


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