Portable Vaporisers

The Hemp Company is proud to offer a wide selection of top Portable Vaporisers. From sleek vape pens to powerful handheld vapes, our collection of high quality vaporizers is both pocket and budget-friendly. We carry top brands like Storz & Bickel, PAX and Ariser.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a portable vaporiser?

    These are handheld, lightweight vaping devices that can operate on battery power, much like a mobile phone. They vary widely in terms of design and functionality, from vape pens (which resemble actual pens in both size and weight) to bulkier devices that look like external hard drives and weigh half a kilo.
  • Are portable vaporisers legal?

    Provided that they’re only used with legal materials, portable vaporisers are completely legal under Irish law. The Hemp Company sell nothing but legal materials in our shop, and all of our portable vaporisers are intended to be used for legal purposes only.
  • What can you vape with a portable vaporiser?

    Depending on the model, portable vaporisers can be used with a wide selection of materials. Dry herb vaporizers, for example, are intended to be used only with finely ground plant material. Other vaporisers are meant to be used with concentrates such as oil or shatter. And some devices, known as ‘dual use vaporisers’ can be used with both.
  • What are the benefits of portable vaporisers?

    Many people purchase a portable vaporiser because it can be easily used both at home and on the go. These devices tend to be small and discreet, which has obvious benefits in certain situations. Portable vaporisers also tend to be more affordable than desktop units.
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