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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are CBD Capsules?

    These are capsules (often made with shells of gelatin or vegetarian cellulose) that are filled with CBD oil and other ingredients. They generally include a carrier oil such as MCT oil or hemp seed oil, other beneficial supplements such as omega fatty acids, and sometimes flavourings as well.
  • How is CBD capsules’ bioavailability?

    studies have found the bioavailability of inhaled CBD capsules has two main characteristics: first, it takes a while for capsules to have an effect (sometimes up to an hour). This is because CBD capsules have to be digested before they reach your bloodstream. That’s where the second characteristic comes into play. Once your body has processed the CBD capsules, you can feel the effects of extended periods of time (up to 6-8 hours).
  • How should I dose CBD capsules?

    Scientists are still trying to determine the ‘optimal’ CBD dose, which means there are currently no hard-and-fast guidelines to dosing CBD capsules. Most experts recommend you ‘start low and go slow’—start by taking one or two capsules at a time, paying attention to how you feel, and then adjusting your dose accordingly.
  • Will CBD capsules get you high?

    Like all CBD products, capsules will not get you high. The reason cannabis itself gets you high is because of its high levels of THC (sometimes as much as 20-30 percent). CBD capsules, on the other hand, contain a maximum THC level of just 0.2 percent, and many capsules are processed to remove any traces of THC.
  • When should I take CBD capsules?

    CBD capsules can take up to an hour to reach their full effects, which last for an extended period of time. As a result, many people find that taking CBD capsules in the morning delivers the optimal results throughout their day. You’ll want to take your CBD capsules on a full stomach—studies show that CBD works more effectively when consumed along with healthy fats, since these help the CBD molecules dissolve more easily. Nuts, yogurt, and avocados are just a few of the foods that can help your CBD capsules work better.
  • Why do people take CBD capsules?

    CBD capsules are some of the most popular CBD products out there, and people use them to address a wide array of physical and mental symptoms. CBD capsules are most effective in situations where you need whole body effects for an extended period of time. It’s important to keep in mind that CBD capsules have a delayed onset time, since they must be processed via the body’s digestive system, so they’re best suited for providing non-acute relief. Many people find that taking CBD capsules early in the day helps ease their symptoms (whatever those might be).
  • Will CBD capsules make me fail a drug test?

    In theory, taking CBD capsules shouldn’t make you fail a drug test. This is because drug tests typically test for the presence of a different compound, THC (more specifically, a metabolite of THC). Even full spectrum CBD capsules do not contain nearly enough THC to trigger a positive result. However, some outdated drug tests have proven incapable of distinguishing between THC and CBD, which has caused some people to receive false positive results. Many people use CBD capsules without encountering any problems when it comes to drug tests, but if you’re especially concerned about avoiding potential issues, you may want to keep this in mind.
  • Are CBD capsules vegetarian friendly?

    Many CBD capsules are vegan- and vegetarian friendly, though others are not. The key difference here comes not from the content, but rather the capsules themselves. Vegetarian-friendly CBD capsules are made with ‘shells’ that are derived from plant materials, whilst other capsules are made out of gelatin (an animal product). CBD capsules that are vegetarian-friendly will display this information prominently on their packaging and product pages. If a given type of CBD capsules don’t explicitly state that they’re vegetarian-friendly, you’ll want to consider other options if this is important to you.
  • What do CBD capsules taste like?

    This depends in large part on the ingredients used in a particular CBD capsule. Unflavoured CBD capsules typically contain two ingredients: the CBD oil itself, along with a ‘carrier oil’ such as coconut or hemp seed oil (this is used to dissolve the CBD so it can be processed more easily by the body). Such capsules tend to have an earthy or nutty taste. Other CBD capsules may contain additional ingredients, such as orange or mint flavourings, that give the capsules a different taste. In most cases, this information will be displayed prominent on the product label.
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