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The Hemp Company Dublin has always advocated the benefits of hemp based products, foods, and supplements. This wonder-plant is proving more and more to be worth paying attention to, and CBD e-liquids take this exploration to a totally new level.

CBD is a member of a group of chemical compounds called cannabinoids, which are found in the resin glands (trichomes) of the cannabis/hemp plant. Particular species of hemp are grown to be high in CBD. This CBD is extracted, and the resultant CBD extract is combined with other e-liquid ingredients (without any nicotine) to create a liquid that is safe to vape. This CBD e-liquid is then used as the fluid for electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) or vaporisers (vapes).

The CBD e-liquid range here at the Hemp Company Dublin is composed of only the most trusted brand names in the e-liquid game: Harmony, Palmetto, Green Mood and Private. All of the e-liquids that the Hemp Company stocks comes with a list of its own unique features, but here are some of the ones they all share:

  • They’re nicotine free
  • These CBD e-liquids will not get you high
  • They are 100% THC free
  • They all adhere to a strict policy of not selling to anyone under 18 years old

If you would like to discover why each brand shines above the other brands on the market, take a look at their Brand Page to learn more!

There are all kinds of excellent reasons that people are turning more and more to vaping their CBD – it’s highly bioavailable which means CBD will enter your bloodstream faster, they can be made with full spectrum, broad spectrum, or isolate CBD, it doesn’t produce smoke and so is less harmful than combustible products, and of course they’re available in all kinds of delicious flavours! Let’s take a look at these features a bit more closely…

Vaping CBD & Bioavailability

So what’s bioavailability, and why is it important to talk about when it comes to CBD? Well, bioavailability is basically the rate at which, and how much of, a substance makes it into your bloodstream after you ingest it. This of course depends on the method you use to ingest said substance, and when CBD is vaped in its e-liquid form, it becomes highly bioavailable.

When you vape CBD e-liquids, the vapour travels straight to the lungs. The lungs act as a direct link between CBD and the bloodstream, and so vaping CBD is the most bioavailable method out there. That means that you will notice the effects of the CBD quite immediately, and if you are looking for quick acting effects, vaping is an excellent option.

That being said, if you’ve never vaped CBD before, it’s best to start with an e-liquid that has low to moderate levels of CBD in it (somewhere between 0-100mg of CBD). Because of its high bioavailability, a stronger dose will compound these rapid acting effects. So start low and go slow, and build up your tolerance over several weeks, rather than jumping headfirst into a high dose. That way you can ensure you are totally comfortable with the dose you choose.

Vaping CBD Doesn’t Produce Smoke

Here at The Hemp Company we pride ourselves on offering consumer-friendly quality hemp products that satisfy our customer’s needs. The revolutionary trend towards vaping is very much our territory and we have been stocking CBD e-liquid since 2016. We only choose tried and tested brands of CBD vape oil and vape products that pass our own expert selection panel.

There is NO nicotine or THC content in any of our products, and moreover there is no smoke produced when you vape CBD e-liquids. Customers find our CBD vape oils most useful in helping them to replace nicotine with all the negative impact tobacco products have for their long term well-being. But how does this work exactly?

Well, vaping CBD e-liquid is a lot like vaping any other e-liquid – the liquid is heated to the point that it turns into vapour but not so much that it is allowed to burn. CBD e-liquids vaporise at approximately 200 degrees celsius, at which point the vapour can safely be inhaled into the lungs without running the risk of producing smoke. In this respect, vaping could be a very popular option and potential alternative for people trying to quit smoking cigarettes.

If you require any further information about how the companies we stock ensure the safety of their e-liquids, contact our experts. You can be confident in the knowledge that you receive is the same level of information that can also be given in person by informed staff at our iconic retail shop in Capel Street.

Now with a bit of information to guide your foray into this remarkable new world, you can choose the best CBD e-liquid for you. At Hemp Company Dublin, we want you to always know how much you can trust every brand we stock to provide safe, nicotine and THC free e-liquids so you can focus on the important things – finding the CBD e-liquid that’s right for you!