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Hair Dressing Pomade Iron Ore by Prospectors

Prospectors Hair Dressing Pomade

Get styling and look great naturally. The Hemp Company are thrilled to present an impeccable line of hair styling Pomades from Prospectus that will take your hair game from naught to 100% natural in an instant!

Prospectus’ range of Hemp Oil Infused Pomades harness the natural power of hemp oil to moisturize your hair and scalp without ever causing flakes, hold your hair in place all day long, and keep your precious ‘do healthy and strong by lubricating every single hair

This pomade provides a great medium hold that will last the entire day without looking waxy or over-styled. It’s easy to apply and softens naturally between the hands for a malleable, workable product that can be styled through with either your fingers or a comb.

And what’s more, they have something for everyone!

Coal Mine Pomade – Prospectus’ Coal Mine Pomade is clay based and will give you that textured finger-styled look with ease, and hold it there. Notes of smooth matcha, sharp citrus and floral cedar are blended perfectly to keep your hair smelling fresh and clean.

Gold Rush Pomade – A total classic, Gold Rush is a great non greasy feeling pomade with hemp oil to promote a healthy scalp. It has an irresistible fresh clean scent that is sure to wake you up.

Iron Ore Pomade – Iron Ore by Prospectors is made for superior all-day hold. This hemp oil infused pomade has a perfect sense of control, letting you achieve any hairstyle with ease, and has a clean, fresh scent with earthy undertones.

Crude Oil Pomade- An oil based pomade, Crude Oil by Prospectors remains pliable throughout the day while maintaining sheen. This Pomade has a fresh woodsy scent with a hint of bursting citrus.

Vegan Milker by Medi Hemp

Vegan Milker

Looking for the fastest, easiest and absolute best way to create an endless variety of creamy, delicious vegan milks from any nut, grain or seed? The Hemp Company Dublin are delighted to bring our customers this evolutionary advancement that allows us to finally break away from the monopoly that is dairy. For those who have identified allergies, the journey towards dairy-free diets has been going on for some time, all while awareness about environmental issues and animal welfare concerns related to the modern dairy industry continues to rise.

The Vegan Milker isn’t just a good idea, it’s an incredible kitchen tool that can make life a bit easier for any vegan, vegetarian or lactose-intolerant dietary needs. The only limitation when it comes to the Vegan Milker is your imagination! It blends, filters and emulsifies your plant-based goodies with ease and comes with a large container, inner filter, wooden plunger and a lid. With a natural wooden press, this Milker utilises centrifugal force to efficiently create an endless variety of plant based milks: rice milk, coconut milk, almond milk, oat milk, soya milk, hemp milk and pretty much any other plant based milk you can think of can now be made in a matter of minutes.

The Vegan Milker is 100% made in Spain with the highest quality materials: the filter is made of stainless steel (316L). The lid, the mortar and the container are made of plastic, free of toxic components such as BPA, BPS, PVC, Bakelite, Formaldehyde and Phthalates.

What is CBD?

What Is CBD Oil? The Basics

The term CBD seems to have made its way into everyday language these days – but if you were asked to describe what exactly it

Water Resistant Smart Overcoat


Whether you are dashing out to the shops, running errands or having a big day out, this coat is ideal for any occasion. Made for comfort and style alike, this lightweight material contains sustainably sourced hemp and organic cotton, making it stand out from the rest!

This overcoat contains a special water treatment helping to keep you drier when caught in wet weather – which is inevitable in Ireland! The coat has a smart collar, allowing for a better mix between casual and formal wear.

Parachute 250ml Can

Switch off, sit back & let Parachute bring you back down to earth with a refreshing CBD infused sparkling drink that’s just perfect for hot, relaxing summer days! Parachute is a hemp extract infused sparkling lemon drink with juniper and green tea that contains 10mg of hemp extracted CBD per can.

The Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer by Stor & Bickel

Volcano Hybrid

Storz and Bickel have established themselves as one of the leading producers of amazing vapes, and have solidified themselves as a brand associated with medical grade quality, immense durability, and absolutely flawless vapor. They’re infamous for the best, high-quality vaporiser designs in Ireland and the larger vaping world, with just under 20 years of experience the Volcano Hybrid is their latest introduction, taking over from the Volcano Digit.

The Hybrid’s name is appropriate – the blended convection/conduction double heating action means that conduction heating can get that temperature up quickly, and convection heating can then kick in to keep the vapor quality perfect. Coming in at 1.8 kilos and requiring an outlet for power, the Hybrid probably won’t be the machine you require for quick, on the go vaping sessions. However, less portability means more room for excellent tech and impeccable performance – and if you’re in the market for medical grade quality, we implore you to look no further.

With a clear, brightly lit and easy to navigate, touch screen LED display that showcases the temperature, the Hybrid is super easy to navigate for beginners and experts alike. And, if you’re one for options, the Hybrid can be easily switched between tube inhalation or valve balloon filling for vapor that you can store to use throughout the day. The Hybrid allows for full temperature control down to the degree and has introduced an app which can be used to control the temperature as well. The digital display features an easy-to-use control panel and  precise temperature readings throughout your whole session.

The heating element is steel-clad ceramic, the heat exchanger is aluminium alloy, the heat-tempered polymer balloon is 100% food grade polythene, and the cellulose air system used for insulation is 100% food grade silicone. All of these elements combine seamlessly to create a top quality, versatile, functionable mechanism that is more friend than machine.

0% THC

Simple Green Hemp Jacket for Ladies by Hemp Tailors

Ladies Side Zip Jacket

Get toasty with this ultra comfortable, ultra warm jacket with side zippers included to help provide more comfort with hot and cold temperatures. This unique jacket is made with superior quality hemp and organic cotton in the jackets fibres, resulting in fashion loved not only by you but also the planet!

This jacket is ultra sharp in style and a lovely olive green tone to make a perfect accompaniment to just about any other item matched with it. With a full chin zip you can keep protected from rain and winter weather easily – it really is style with added protection at a guilt free cost!

Cartridge for CBD Pen OG Kush Flavour by Harmony

Harmony CBD Cartridge

These vape pen cartridges from Harmony are the perfect companion to any and all adventures – easy and convenient, they are entirely ready to go right out of the box, just plug and go! And if you’re a beginner, try a product that’s been named the most affordable CBD pen ever launched from a brand that you can trust.

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