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  • Harmony Hemp Flavoured E-Liquid

    The hemp oil we combine in the liquid has a nice, light and nutty flavor and the primary terpene, caryophyllene, gives it a smooth Earthy finish. Long live hemp!

    From: 8.00
  • Harmony Mango Kush Terpene-Infused E-Liquid

    Think caribbean vacation in an e-liquid! It contains the terpene myrcene, which is also found in mangoes, and is responsible for the sweet and musky aroma.

    From: 13.00
  • Harmony Mint Flavoured E-Liquid

    For a cool and refreshing experience, like biting a fresh sprig of mint, look no further for the most natural mint flavour in the e-liquid market.

    From: 8.00
  • Harmony OG Kush Terpene-Infused E-Liquid

    This strain has recognizable traces of the terpene linalool, for a lavender flavour, and pinene, for a potent pine, Earthy taste and smell.

    From: 13.00
  • Harmony Pure Base E-Liquid

    CBD pure base for your favorite e-liquid flavour. You just add it to the e-liquid you love to vape for an added CBD boost. All our CBD is naturally extracted and organically grown for you...

    From: 15.00
  • Harmony Super Lemon Haze Terpene-Infused E-Liquid

    When life gives you lemons, vape Super Lemon Haze.

    From: 13.00